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The productivity tool that forces you to rewrite your work – over and over again! The perfect tool for any serious writer.


have trouble rewriting your work?

Rewriting forces you to improve your prose. TextRedactor erases your sentences after you complete them, helping you to become a better writer.

wrote a great sentence that you don't want to delete?

No problem! A keyboard shortcut (Command-Option-Ctrl-Number Key 7-P-M) prevents the sentence from being erased.

Keep making the same typos?

By forcing you to retype your work over and over, you'll improve your spelling ability dramatically!

"TextExpander made it too easy to write long paragraphs of perfect text with only a few keystrokes. I switched to TextRedactor from FrownOnMyMac. Teh auto-delete capabilities give me the displine to be amuch more excellant writer!"
- Jason S., Mill Valley, CA


System Requirements:
TextRedactor 1.x requires Mac OS 9, Mac OS X or Classic.
Not compatible with OS X 10.5 (Leopard).